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:. Mystery Of Time And Space Walkthroughs

This website has both text and picture walkthroughs to help you beat the mystery of time and space game.

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Date: December 16th
Name: evil rodent
Post: Whoaaaa... it's been forever since i updated this place.. sorry that i'm behind. a new level of motas was released not too long ago, and i finally made a walkthrough for it, it's mostly word with one picture on how to defeat the wall, hope you like it. As for the site.. i'm working on cleaning up every last server so it's just pictures and no navigation. 

BIG NOTE!!! - PLEASE!! since i'm not setting up a poll, will you please take the little bit of time to email me wether or not i should keep the picture walkthroughs, i'm thinking of just going for some partial pictures and mostly words... so in an email.. say please.... keep the pictures or no pictures... and tell me what you think of the site please! with care - rodent
Date: September 28th
Name: evil rodent
Post: Yes, sorry sorry for the big long lack of updates, i really had nothing to upload to this old website.. it's purpose has been fulfilled. As you see, here's the new layout.. hope you like it

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