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:. Mystery Of Time And Space Walkthroughs - Word Level Walkthroughs
Level 1:
1. Grab the poster
2. Grab the key out of the pillow
3. Grab the screwdriver out of the locker
4. use the screw driver to get the nail out of the painting
5. put the poster under the door and use the nail on the door.
6. Take the poster out and grab they key off of it.
7. Open the door

Level 2:
1. Grab the diskette box off the bookshelf
2. Go in the computer room.
3. Grab the pin off of the foriegn flag.
4. Open the box with the pin
5. Turn on and insert the disk into the computer
6. Use the security number on the keypad to open the door 12864

Level 3:
1. Click the right hand rail to open up the walkbridge.
2. Turn off the light and grab the three tiles on the wall
3. Turn on the light and line up the lines so the rat goes to the hole across the room.
4. Go to the other room and trap the rathead in the disk box while he is looking around.
5. Insert the tiles in the slots they fit in.
6. What you do is press the inserted stones a certain amount of times. Heres a chart

Left:2 Middle:1 Right:2

7. Release the rat into the tile.
8. Click the chair and then the hand rail and then go through the door.

Level 4:
Ok this level is simple. Here is my little mini walkthrough:

1. Go left and get the triangle out of the security panel.

2. Grab the fire wood in the Fire Place.

3. Go all the way right and put the wood in the laser and press the on button.

4. Take the lit fire to the fire place.

5. Make sure your lamp is turned off and take the triangle to the laser and turn it on.

6. Take the new pieces to the security panel.

7. The puzzle:
\ |__ |
\ | |_|
\ |
\ __|
\ |

Description of the sequence step by step for the intellilock

1st - Only one of the faces is frowning instead of smiling.
2nd - One consonant, others are vowels.
3rd - One circle, other figures have corners/angles on them.
4th - One odd number in a group of even numbers.
5th - All the asterisk figures have an even amount of spikes, except one.
6th - Duh! Try to guess which one breaks the line.
7th - B for blue, G for green, R for red and W for white. Just that you don't even need that info. Just one 'W' letter has a small notch in it...
8th - All of the figures are made from 3 'sticks', except one which has four.
9th - There is only one of each letters, except P. You can choose either one, both work.
10th - Every one is a clean circle, except one that is a hexagon.
11th - Each figure has a curve and a straight line, except one that has two curves.
12th - Every horizontal line shoould have four colors, in order of red, green, blue and yellow. One line has two greens, pick the one green that breaks the pattern.
13th - Every half of each symmetrical figure touches the other half from one pint only. One of the figures has the halves in contact at two points.
14th - Each figure has three thick lines and one thin line. In one figure the thin line is on the horizontal ones, in others it's either of the vertical ones.
15th - Every acronym is an internet acronym, except one that is a company.
16th - Clockwise, the colours go red, blue, yellow, green. Pick the one that has the colours in a counter clockwise pattern.
17th - Pick the one that you can't see on a normal (six sided) die.
18th - Pick the puzzle piece that doesn't fit with it's neighbours.
19th - Same as 16th. Except there are eight colours per square yellow, red, blue, green, light blue, violet, gray, orange(ish). Pick the one that has the colour pattern going counter clockwise again.
20th - All the figures are identical, except one that has the blades set in a different way.
21st - One of the figures is rotated slightly, so that it stands on two corners instead of one.
22nd - One of these does not equal ten.
23rd - The numbers are a sequence,(lack of english skills strikes now... I don't know how to say this in words. I need to go practice mathematic terms...) 2^0, 2^1, 2^2, 2^3, ... , 2^10, 2^11, but one of the numbers is wrong.
24th - Only one of the pie slices has a 90-degree angle in it.
25th - Every picture is the same, just rotated in a different position, except one that is a mirrored image of the others.
26th - There might be a better explanation for this... Only one of the figures is composed of a single piece without any anglesin it. (Yeah, this one can be described in a ton of different ways.)
27th - Each figure has two ones and two zeros, except one.

Level 6:
1. Go to the next room and grab the screwdriver
2. Grab the lightbulb off the motorcycle and go into the next room.
3. Grab the Batteries out of the radio and put the lightbulb and the batteries.
4. Move the carpet and complete the little puzzle there.
5. A hole will open, but first go to the first room and click the welcome mat to drop a key down the cellar.
6. Use the firehose as a rope to go down the cellar.
7. Down in the cellar and go to the next room and pick up the key.
8. Go back to the first room and open the door.

Level 7
1. Go to the next room.
2. Read the letter and get the blue wheel off the frame.
3. Go to the first room and put the blue wheel on one of the connectors of the pipes.
4. Go up the elevator. Go through to the next room.
5. Look in the drawer to find the green wheel.
6. Go back to the first room and put the green wheel on one of the connectors.
7. Go back to the room where you find the green wheel and go down the hole.
8. Next room go on through the door and then go up the ladder with the hole on top.
9. Look in the drawer to find the pen and look on the drawer to find the paper.
10. Go all the way back to the room with the letter and put the paper on the note.
11. Then, click the pen on the paper to trace the letter.
12. Go back to the room where you found the green wheel and put the note in the out drawer.
13. Check the in drawer after this to find the red wheel.
14. You know the drill, put the red wheel on the last connector pipe in the first room.
15. Go all the way back to the room with the paper and pen and go down the other hole.
16. Continue through this room to find the transforming thing.
17. Start mixing colors until you get grey and then walk into the the transforming thing to be transported to the last level.

Level 8:
1. Grab the screwdriver
2. go to the panel and punch in numbers that equal the number that shows
3. go into the next room and then the next room and click the alien machine to go on.
4. go to the next room and grab the clock weights and go back to the start
5. Go to the first room and click the panel and go through the door and grab the knight poster.
6. Go back to the room with the clockwieghts and get ready for a chess game

| |
| || |

7. Once the chess piece is in the archway, leave the room and go back to the room with the fireplace.
8. Go to the door closest to the screen.
9. Open up door #1 and put on the suit.
10. Open the airlock and leave the room.

Level 9

1. Examine the cupboard and obtain the key.
2. Enter the glass door next to the notice.
3. Use the key obtained from the first room on the cupboard and examine the cupboard.
4. Wedge the metal triange inbetween the blown fuse.
5. Examine the cupboard in the computer room and take the key.
6. Take the key and use it on the locker inbetween the glass doors.
7. Enter the second glass door and place the floppy disk in the computer and press the restart button and enter the code "QUEST" which was scratched on the locker door.
8. The computer will generate a random three-letter word, four-letter word, or a five-letter word. Words I have come across are: east, great, ward, and more.
9. Enter the glass door to the right of the computer.
10. Examine the cupboard and take the key.
11. Enter the glass door to the left.
12. Click on the center of the machine in order to change how it looks. Change it to whatever you want.
13. Leave the room and return to the hallway. Enter the glass door to the right.
14. A picture hangs above each door with a symbol that matches what you chose on the machine. Choose the door that matches.

Level 10
1. Go through the door on the left.
2. Examine the cabinet.
3. Leave the room and go up the stairs.
4. Use the key on the right locker.
5. Examine the locker.
6. Go back to the room with the cabinet.
7. Use the card on the green circle at the bottom of the statue.
8. Zoom in on the circle puzzle and solve it by getting each color block to match the one on the side.
9. Once each color is lined up use the card to move the puzzle back up.
10. Click the black button to open up the safe.
11. Examine the safe and take the key.
12. Go back to the main room with the staircase.
13. Use the key on the door in the middle of the room.

Level 11

1. Go to the last room in the level
2. Open up the cupboard and take the key from inside. Grab the chalk near the bottom of the blackboard.
3. Go to the room with the chest. Use the key on the chest and take the coin from inside it.***
4. Put the white ball from the previous level into the pool table by placing it near the coin slot. Then take the coin and stick it into the coin slot.
5. Move your mouse until the stick (darn I knew what it was called a second ago) is standing upright against the table and not in a position to shoot.
6. Take the chalk and use it on the stick.
7. Aim for the right pocket, so it looks as if you are going to shoot the white ball into the pocket. If done correctly, both balls will be knocked into the holes.
8. Grab the key that falls into the slot to the left of where the coin slot is.
9. Take the key and open the door
10. Voila! You are done!!

***You can get an infinite amount of coins for use in the coin slot, but be sure that when you leave the room to get more coins, the white ball is ON THE POOL TABLE. If it is not, the white ball will become STUCK and you will be unable to continue because the white ball will become stuck in the slot and not move to on top of the table.


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